Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Supplies needed: (yes...these people STILL need help with the basic necessities of life!)
Flashlights that take D batteries (yes...power is still not on in areas)
Lanterns that take D batteries (Keeping it simple)
D Batteries
Tarps, tarps, MORE tarps
Roofing felt
Roofing shingles
Roofing tacks
Hand sanitizer
Plastic gloves
Sleeping bags
Baby bottles and sippy cups
Contact solution
Long, heavy duty work gloves
Face masks
Candy bars with protein
Breakfast bars
Ready to eat food (non-perishable)
Garbage bags
Cleaning supplies, disposable cleaning wipes
Bow saws
Chain saws
Gatorade/powerade in ready to drink size
Diapers all sizes
Socks/short cool ones
Tarps, tarps, more tarps(yes...I know I am repeating myself)
Duct tape
Bug spray
Floor squeegees
Laundry soap/Clorox 2
Canned food
Manual can openers
Ace bandages
Antibiotic ointment
Hydrocortisone cream
Eye drops
Glucose strips
Baby food
Baby formula
Face towels
Soap/preferable hotel size
Please do not send used clothing to these areas. There are bags of them EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Please hold yard sales in your community and turn the clothes into money to buy supplies. Make some magic happen!!!
5th Trip. House ???? on the left is pushed into the house on the right!
5th Trip. Team leader, Devan Voyles and team members unloading plywood to repair building on the left.
5th Trip. Boats pushed up on land.
5th Trip. Team members, Tommy Adams and Boyd Brooks repair roof.
5th Trip. Tommy Adams moving large tree.
5th Trip. Team member. Jeff Lanier, cutting up tree (He's in the very middle of the picture in blue jeans)
5th Trip. "Before" picture of roof removed from home. We repaired the whole roof! Another family can move out of their tent and into dry shelter!
5th Trip! Rev. Larry Drummer from Mt. Bethel Baptist Church in MS meets with team leader Devan Voyles to assess where help is needed first.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Notice the ship on land. Trip 4
Trip 4 - Notice the trees look dead.

Trip 4 Notice the boat up on land.

B-Team Leader Jamie Murphy repairing a roof. Go Jamie!!!!

Trip 4 One of the homes our team repaired enough to be livable.

Trip 4 B-Team delivering supplies

Pictures from trip 4 to East Moss Point, Moss Point, Escatawpa & Pascagoula.

Pictures from trip 4 to East Moss Point, Moss Point, Escatawpa & Pascagoula.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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God bless you all for your emails, your phone calls, your donations and the time you have given to pass this on to all your friends. It means more than you will ever know. Thanks! Lisa
We are just a group of people from the mountains of north Georgia that want to make a difference in areas affected by hurricane Katrina's devastation. We are strictly a volunteer group. By donating you are NOT paying anyone's salary. We are taking the supplies, food, water and manpower down to the people in these areas. Our mission is be of help to the people in the rural areas that have been forgotten by the major relief agencies. They have NOT been forgotten by us. And by us...I mean you too. You are the one that CAN make a difference. We are all a team. The volunteers that are going down on our missions are taking unpaid time off from their jobs because they want to be of service to our fellow men, women and children. On each trip we have a day team and a night team so that we are working 24 hours a day. You've got make it count.

Our team has been in these devasted areas since the day after the storm hit so we are still able to get in to provide help. As most of you have heard volunteers are being turned away. We are not. We are getting in and making magic!

By joining forces all of us together can make a difference. Please help us help others!
A-Team leader Devan Voyles on a mission to clear debris.

A-Team delivering supplies on trip 3