Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We are just a group of people from the mountains of north Georgia that want to make a difference in areas affected by hurricane Katrina's devastation. We are strictly a volunteer group. By donating you are NOT paying anyone's salary. We are taking the supplies, food, water and manpower down to the people in these areas. Our mission is be of help to the people in the rural areas that have been forgotten by the major relief agencies. They have NOT been forgotten by us. And by us...I mean you too. You are the one that CAN make a difference. We are all a team. The volunteers that are going down on our missions are taking unpaid time off from their jobs because they want to be of service to our fellow men, women and children. On each trip we have a day team and a night team so that we are working 24 hours a day. You've got make it count.

Our team has been in these devasted areas since the day after the storm hit so we are still able to get in to provide help. As most of you have heard volunteers are being turned away. We are not. We are getting in and making magic!

By joining forces all of us together can make a difference. Please help us help others!


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